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Sweet Tooth, Wood Hedgehog, or Hedgehog Mushroom (Hydnum repandum)

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Sweet Tooth, Wood Hedgehog, or Hedgehog Mushroom (Hydnum repandum)

Range: Widely recorded in North America, Europe, Australia, and northern Asia.

Harvest Season: Summer and fall.

Identifying Characteristics: The wood hedgehog has spines or teeth on the underside of the cap rather than ridged gills – these are the defining characteristic of the species! Viewed from above, it is similar in shape to a chanterelle (but is pale orange-ish tan rather than golden in color). This mushroom bruises dark orange or yellowish brown. The cap is varied in shape, generally broadly convex and 2 to 17 centimeters across.

Dangerous Lookalikes: No poisonous lookalikes, though this species may be confused with related North American species Hydnum albidum and Hydnum albomagnum.

Preparation: The wood hedgehog has a sweet and nutty taste. It’s crunchy and can be frozen.


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