Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream is an iconic cannabis strain. It has legendary status all across the West Coast and is the parent of many other strains. This Sativa-dominant strain is a California native famous for its gentle, leveling effects. Both veteran and novice consumers enjoy the high that Blue Dream provides. Some phenotypes of Blue Dream look and feel more Indica, but generally, its Sativa genes are more prevalent.

Because Blue Dream is an offspring of Blueberry, it smells and tastes much like sweet berries. Its high THC content guarantees a potent high for medical patients, but fortunately, it is not particularly sedative in nature. For those suffering an array of health issues, Blue Dream promises a fast-acting solution for relief from some of the most debilitating symptoms affecting people today.

Why Patients Use Blue Dream?

Besides its potency and deliciousness, Blue Dream offers patients an invigorating cerebral experience and total relaxation. It eases you gently and calmly into a state of happy euphoria. You can use this strain during the day and enjoy renewed creativity, as it energizes and uplifts instead of putting you to sleep. Do not use Blue Dream immediately before bed or you will not sleep until it wears off.

Medical Uses of Blue Dream