Shatter & Wax


Marijuana comes in many different forms, such as flower, hash, and edibles. But when it comes to potency, it’s hard to beat Shatter. A shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate made from butane hash oil (BHO) that can contain up to 90% THC. This pure, concentrated form of marijuana gives you one of the most powerful highs, making it a popular product for recreational users.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of dabs or cannabis concentrate that’s extracted from Butane Hash Oil (BHO). It’s an incredibly potent product- while the most potent cannabis flower strains usually reach up to 20-25% THC, shatter can go all the way up to 90% THC. As such, using shatter will give you some of the most powerful psychoactive effects you can get from marijuana.

It’s easily recognizable from its solid, amber form. It looks a little similar to glass and wax when hit or broken up, hence the name. You can break it up into small parts to use a small amount in a dab pen or dab rig.

Wax comes from an extraction process which results in a highly concentrated cannabis product. It separates the trichomes and terpenes from the rest of the plant matter, resulting in a flavorful and potent concentrate. Many users opt for this for recreational purposes- it’ll hit you harder and last longer than smoking cannabis.

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